Kim Nolan

Property Investment Manager

A little about me

Strong communication skills and an ability to handle any situation with empathy and professionalism.  Kim loves the variety in her work and the versatility of skills and knowledge inherent in the property management arena.

She provides clients with the full range of property management services, including property presentation, tenant selection and the negotiation of leases. Those who have worked with Kim speak highly of the experience. She is known as an enthusiastic and hard-working property manager and she’s also recognised for her superior communication skills. Easy-going and warm, Kim builds rapport with clients easily and she has a proven grasp of the needs of both property owners and tenants. Proactive and productive, Kim deals efficiently with all the day-to-day issues that arise in relation to a rental property. Thriving on the challenges she encounters in her job, Kim is known as a problem-solver. As she says “you never know what kind of issue you’ll encounter as a property manager and I enjoy handling all the issues that come my way.”

A great communicator with a positive outlook, Kim’s client-focus means that she delivers outstanding service to landlords and tenants alike.

Kim’s experience in property management means that she “understands clients need to feel their property will be managed with great care.”  This dedication to providing the best possible customer service means that Kim is delighted to be a part of the outstanding team at Honer Dodd Realty.